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Christ of Gala
Salvador Dali Print

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Christ of Gala- Dali Print


Christ of Gala (Crucifixion)

Salvador Dali print on Japon paper with Embossed Signature, 1981

EA 53/100, EA 57/100 available on Japon

This lithograph is from a pair of original paintings. When mounted side by side and viewed with an optical instrument, the images were said to blend into a single image that appeared to be three dimensional.

Reference 82-1, page 187 in The Official Catalog of Graphic Works of Salvador Dali by Albert Field Blind Stamp DALART N.V.

29" x 21.5"

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Christ of Gala- Embossed Signature


Embossed Signature Detail

An image of Salvador Dali's signature was stamped/embossed on the print during the printing process.



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