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Salvador Dali Lithograph

verified and guaranteed authenticity



Tear of Time
Salvador Dali
Lithograph with original signature in pencil
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Salvador Dali Lithograph - Tear of Time

Pencil-Signed Salvador Dali Lithograph                                                   Please call for pricing.

from an original gouache painting

published in 1998
21" x 29"

This lithograph was signed and verified as an authentic Salvador Dali signature and image on the reverse by Dali Archivist Albert Field
. Available from a limited edition of 175 and proofs on Arches paper.                                                                                                 

Salvador Dali's most famous image was  the "soft watch" in his 1931 painting The Persistence of Memory. In this image, a soft watch hangs limply from the branch of a tree. Time is melting into one large tear which will soon fall. The subject of this image was also cast as a Salvador Dali bronze sculpture entitled Profile du Temps. (pictured below)






Profile du Temps - Salvador Dali Sculpture                                              Profile du Temps, Salvador Dali

Dali often placed soft watches against hard objects such as rocks and trees to emphasize their malleable state as he explored the idea of time.

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